intoxication is security
a chronic higher state of unconsciousness
day after day
haze after haze
fog after fog
white speed brings numbness
shuts you off
shuts you down
no matter the speed you can’t out run the world

dive in head first
cool and refreshing
but you will soon tire
tides will turn and drag you under
don’t blame the tide when you once enjoyed its comfort
weather the storm
fight for each breath
overcast sky’s
it feels never ending

a new utopia
scheduled and professional
focused and busy
efficient and effective
acceptable obsessions
the everyday struggle
every day is a struggle

diamond speed bends the light
distorts the image
an alternate reality
clean but tainted

sobriety brings clarity
your clarity boarders conformity
your conformity washes my brain
but its not coming clean
losing my soul
fill me with dreams of materialism and class
blur the line between lower and middle
lost again

glimpses of my life
my old self
not lost
simply stifled by your system
I’ll decipher for myself
success and excess hand in hand
whose success?
clean and straight and narrow
my success happened miles before I saw your ladder
and yes, thats enough.



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