5 Stamps & 50 Pages

sever all ties and set the bridges ablaze
ignorance and arrogance, a Molotov cocktail
I should have let you do the honors
build a life upon accelerant and ashes damp with spit and tainted with dreams of what could have been
unbeknown-st or ignored
how do you teach a teacher
struggling to gather supplies it feels like I’ll never build a foundation
where are you
why even bother when the hinges are begging to meet
a hand in the darkness that you swear is just a foot
change the filament because all i see is tunnel
is it all just wasted sand
5 stamps and 50 pages
will you ever understand
will you ever listen
will you ever really hear me
all my life, questioning
is the answer in my hands
here i stand
a pen and a sword
a pen is pretty mighty,
but sometimes a sword is all you need



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