A Grandmother’s Love

My heart swells at the thought of thee,
your teachings, your scoldings, your love
have all become a part of me

your grace, your beauty
it beams outward from within
a light so bright, it scorches away all sin

leading by example, you showed me the way
you took my hand and coached me
how to live, what to say

Another has never walked this earth
with as much compassion
it engulfs all around you
in a warm and welcoming fashion

You gave me my extremist commitment to family
to oneness, and my dedication
I am indebted to you forever for my basic human education

All the good I do can be credited back to you
for all I’ve learned of goodness
was taught to me by you

your love is a beacon
guiding me home
home is where your love lives
and there I am never alone

your love can heal all wounds
no matter how deep I’m cut
a blinding light in the darkness
it can lead me out of any rut
and when I’m down and out
your love is what will lift me up

your love is massive
huge and overwhelming
it fills my every memory
I feel it near and far
because it lives within me
embedded in my heart

your love is like the tide
keeping ships afloat
in the dead of night
your love is a thick warm coat

your love propels the earth
keeps it turning every day
it keeps me grounded
a part of me
your love is here to stay

your love is my world
part of everything we do
infinite and eternal
it will live on after me
and after you

these words
this pen to paper
they’re as close as I can get
for words can’t truly express
how grateful I feel
I could never repay the debt

your love is priceless, precious
and I’m so lucky to have felt it
I understand,
you simply played the hand,
God dealt it

you are but a woman
though your love is transcendental
crashing through boundaries
it’s speed was incidental

your love shone down upon me
and I’ll shine it on the world
spread it like sunshine
to every boy and girl

the sun,
your love is the center
it’ll outlive us all
it’s effects spreading through the world
ripples big and small

I’ll make you proud
and say it loud:

Never forget
this love, that made me who I am
it beamed outward
from within



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