The Chimes

Always jokes
and a pack of smokes
surrounded by laughter
that can be heard in the rafters

a barrel of joy, happiness and fun
the perfect Uncle, Brother and Son
a friendly ear and a helping hand
love and compassion is what built this man

understanding, strong
and always with a song
considerate and humble
the bandage after you stumble

he’d give you his shirt if it were the last thing he owned
open to you his life, his arms and his home

putting you first until the very last day
strength and love was always his way

sobbing in a panic my thoughts ran with fear
he said:

‘quiet, don’t shed a tear
for you, I will always be here
will always be near
I will live in your heart
and be close in your thoughts
press through the hard times, heart ache and pain
time will pass and only fond memories will remain
and when sadness arrives
let your memories thrive
call on the laughter that can be heard in the rafters
think of the joyful and loving times
I am with the wind
you’ll hear me in the chimes’

In loving memory of Timothy Littlefield – you are missed and fondly remembered daily


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