A Letter of Resignation

I’ve got a confession to make,

I wasted the day feeling stressed.

Tears welled up from the pressure in my chest and I’m tired,

And I just     need   to give it a rest.

I need a life hack,

something to get me to the next level because I’m stuck,


in this day to day groundhog day every day.

Failing at the impossible and irrelevant,

and stressing all the while while you

sit back on your throne and just pile

the tasks at my feet,

to keep me underfoot,

groveling like a slave,

stuck – like I’ve lost a foot but I HAVEN’T,

I’m PERFECTLY mobile,

yet, immobilized by your stress inducing psychosis.

Reach. higher and higher and hire and DANCE,

until we can’t hear the music or feel the rhythm and we’ve forgotten what we’re reaching for-

It didn’t matter

conditioning us to greeed,

Only to want,

more and more


One day

Death comes knocking at our door,

and we can’t even account for all – that – TIME

So then, nothing flashed before our eyes.


I quit.

My time is mine.



Fight or Flight

I crave the irresponsibility of it all,


the contradictory release,

bare invisibility.

to be one, among the many,

Searching for security within our insecurities,

imploring convention,

to drown each other in happiness,

the happiness we know and love – and hate.

nameless and faceless.

Who is unimportant,

it’s the What we’re all after,

windowless freedom,



where I can get heavy,

and deep and low cause we’re high

and at least we understand that we don’t,

and we’re broken.

yearning for instability time ticks by,

days pass,

the pavement rushes underfoot.

I hear the nothingness is an accomplishment,

but they don’t stand beside me when they say so-




In sensory overload mode just watching while the world speeds by.

All my doing, kept at bay,

guarding my arms


concealing my wounds,


but to no avail.

What’s the point?

Hemorrhage, and reseal me.

I miss the scene.

The glow of the night lights dancing in the night life,

and the opportunity to shut off the world.


It’s all just a phone call away

(reach out and touch me)

Those days are never far behind

(right around the corner)

It seems like only yesterday

(too far for satisfaction)

And here I’m wishing yesterday

(too near for relief)

Was instead today.


It’s all irrelevant

(always the optimist)

Or is that inevitable?

(at least I feel the pain)


I decided long ago that, piece remains atop the table,

Put down, a putdown



Pieces of me,

however microscopic they may be,

collect upon its surface.

Glossy to matte to gray.

Gravity, pulling me back piece by piece,

starving me of peace by piece.


What else is there?




Press forward through the nothingness and THIS

will pass again.

The pavement rushing underfoot.

All this silly dialog will be,

But a silly memory-

Wasted ink

Wasted time

Wasted life.

The Champ!

Winning a losing battle.

Trapped in perpetual fight,

Dreaming of a fruitless flight.


Something vs. Nothing

So they say I need to get out there and make something of myself.
That is to say,
Currently, I’m nothing.
And to become ‘something’
I must do an awful lot of nothing.
Making lists
Crawling through cyber space
Assigning numerical value to my values,
And telling everyone I’m everything and getting nothing in return.
My life on their terms
A series of debits and credits
Generally, nothing more than a ledger

So, what’s the bottom line?
I wish I had more time.

And so, I think I won’t be ‘something’
No accounting for my value
Or, performing on command
No balancing
For, I am something now
A big, round, beautiful zero
Neither positive nor negative
Just being

Why not just make nothing of ourselves instead?

Dark Matter

If we met tomorrow,

what would I say,

what would you?

I’ve thought it over,

over and over,

over so, now I don’t know.

Would I tell you I missed you,

missed you when there was nothing to miss,

missed you when you didn’t exist?

Or was it the ideal of you?

The adventurous “if”

the wonderment of “when”

the possibilities.

Like a love lost,

I missed what could have been.

Would I tell you I felt denied



shunned left and shut out.

Would I tell you how HE took your place?

And how

nothing you could ever do

could reclaim it as yours?

Would I tell you that I’m angry?

Angry you let them define you,

define ME.

Hurt me,

And neglect me.

Collateral damage but damage just the same.

Angry you gave up.

Gave up on you,

on family,

on ME.

Would I tell you that none of it even matters anymore?

(Does it?)

That you’re just too late.

(Are you?)

And that your influence as well as theirs is powerless.

(Is it?)

Because I’m FREE.

But then again,

(Am I?)

I sure don’t seem to be.

And, at the sight of a strange face, would it all rush back?

And matter.

Matter like I was 12 years old,

convincing myself that

if I just did little better

you’d be there,

I did.

You weren’t.

Matter like the light I’d prayed for,

like a lifetime of anticipation,

like constant disappointment,

like a jaded and cynical vision


Will it all come flooding back,

And matter?

Matter like a missing chapter,

those alternate realities, given new life:

Your better family,

Your other wife,

your better life,

Without me.

Diluted memories,

Bedtime stories,

Daddy, tell me the one where I ran you off again?

Would I give you a tour of the world you placed atop my shoulder that blames me?

Would I tell you how hopelessly I tried to grasp control

Would I tell you how I was silenced and it burned hotter deep within

How the silence cracked me

hardened me

My heart

Thickened my skin but scarred my spirit.

still kindling

A wound I guess I’ve still not mended

But is it?

Will I ever even know

Will you?



Pimpin’ the American Dream ‘aint Easy

Am I less of a customer because I pay by EBT?
Or is it because I pay late and don’t try to argue down the fee?
Because I follow the rules,
Yet, my dollar is worth less than yours.
Or just worth – LESS
Because I stand all day to earn it,
And because I’m just too big to fit through any loop holes in your government
Because I ride the bus and the train
Eat chips and cakes
And don’t obsess about my weight gain.
So wait,
Because I work and you supervise,
that makes me less than you
you do realize,
without me, there’d be nothing for you to doSSSSHHHHHHHH

don’t discount my worth based solely on your ego
and remember,
you don’t go every place that we go.
To the pantry
At 5am to wait in line and beg for a bite to eat.
To the podiatrist,
With no insurance for those shooting pains in my feet
And to SNAP where I get denied and told ‘sorry hun people got it worse then you
they got you beat’
I didn’t realize my life was a game
A snapshot of the working poor
Put that in your frame
If it’s worth it.

They say,
If we just worked harder,
We could pull ourselves out.
Does the same hold true to the Somalian’s we gave to, and hear so much about?
Don’t let them turn you against us
A standard ‘us against them’
You don’t know what we’ve seen or where we’ve been.
You hear ONE story and it repeats in your mind, it never ends.
Why not instead,
Spread – out that sympathy
To the homeless, the crazy, the hungry,
To the elderly
To me.
We are not numbers
The 99%
We are one
The collective
Simply caught up in the current
Turn around and swim up stream
It’s like you’re stuck in a tractor beam
Remember the enemy because to them we’re ALL poor
They’re the pimps and we’re they’re whores
Don’t be complacent
Solutions exist
Speak up and stop being fucked
Or you’ll just allow the fucking to persist.


Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Am I less?


Well, what’s the bench mark?

Less of a woman with less ample breasts?

Wearing less makeup and a longer dress

Less, sparkle and shine

But more grit and grime

why must I be soft?

And quiet.

A skirt

Delicate and proper


LIKE a lady?

OR a lady?

What is a lady?


Well, I guess I don’t fit

Because I can’t force-fake a dream of diamonds and marriage and children and debt.

I close my eyes

And fantasize of revolution

I remember the listless limbless child slaves

The ones mining your diamonds for a cup of rice a day

I dream of a new reality where people are valued

Where money falls from grace

Where you’ll all have egg on your face


Don’t try to put me in a box and pop a label on it

You don’t understand because you’re selfish

You are your own sun

And we just orbit

Of no importance



I’m committed

And have convictions

I have love

And drive

I’M alive

I’ll not wed society

A society allowing for poverty,

For hunger.

Not for change

Not for love

Not echoing the cries of the vulnerable like thunder

Prim won’t feed the children

And, it would be proper, to put a stop to sex trafficking.

If a “Lady” wears a diamond on her perfectly manicured ring finger,

Does it show her husband her commitment?

Or just that, African children are less important?

I’m not buying what you’re selling

So call me a man because I’ve got balls and you’re right,

A diamond IS forever.

Forever enslaved

Forever lining the pockets of war profiteers

Forever ruining economies

Forever encouraging genocide

Your divorce will sever ties

But your diamond severed lives

It cast a foreshadow on your union

Polluting the purity of your marriage like raw sewage

All because you acted before you thought

Goo goo gaa gaa over that ring your friend bought

Like a rodent attracted to its shine



It’s just a ring

Well you tell that to him,

The boy with one hand

To his mother

To the villages destroyed and its people run off their land

So you see,

This thing,

You say is ‘just a ring’

Is much,

Much more.

Decide what you stand for.




Anxiety Valley

Palpitating vibrations
Remnants of the night before
That uneasy feeling
From my stomach to my shoulders
My heart traveling north
That sleepy tingling spreads outward
Intense focus
Sensory overload
Deep breaths
Anticipation Mountain
The air is thinning
Shortening breaths and a queasy stomach
The churning acids heating my belly
On the rocks
Elevating altitudes
Cold and numb