Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Am I less?


Well, what’s the bench mark?

Less of a woman with less ample breasts?

Wearing less makeup and a longer dress

Less, sparkle and shine

But more grit and grime

why must I be soft?

And quiet.

A skirt

Delicate and proper


LIKE a lady?

OR a lady?

What is a lady?


Well, I guess I don’t fit

Because I can’t force-fake a dream of diamonds and marriage and children and debt.

I close my eyes

And fantasize of revolution

I remember the listless limbless child slaves

The ones mining your diamonds for a cup of rice a day

I dream of a new reality where people are valued

Where money falls from grace

Where you’ll all have egg on your face


Don’t try to put me in a box and pop a label on it

You don’t understand because you’re selfish

You are your own sun

And we just orbit

Of no importance



I’m committed

And have convictions

I have love

And drive

I’M alive

I’ll not wed society

A society allowing for poverty,

For hunger.

Not for change

Not for love

Not echoing the cries of the vulnerable like thunder

Prim won’t feed the children

And, it would be proper, to put a stop to sex trafficking.

If a “Lady” wears a diamond on her perfectly manicured ring finger,

Does it show her husband her commitment?

Or just that, African children are less important?

I’m not buying what you’re selling

So call me a man because I’ve got balls and you’re right,

A diamond IS forever.

Forever enslaved

Forever lining the pockets of war profiteers

Forever ruining economies

Forever encouraging genocide

Your divorce will sever ties

But your diamond severed lives

It cast a foreshadow on your union

Polluting the purity of your marriage like raw sewage

All because you acted before you thought

Goo goo gaa gaa over that ring your friend bought

Like a rodent attracted to its shine



It’s just a ring

Well you tell that to him,

The boy with one hand

To his mother

To the villages destroyed and its people run off their land

So you see,

This thing,

You say is ‘just a ring’

Is much,

Much more.

Decide what you stand for.





Loathing Humanity

your technological appendages
touch tap click zoom tune
stimuluminati, entertain
grossly engrossed
systematically enslaved
stagnant in a whirlwind
the eye of the storm
the turbine of progression
turn, turn, turn
oblivious to your surroundings
all the time advancing
but toward what?
closer and closer we inch
toward an illuminated world
glowing with ignorant appeal
and superficial insensitivity
fall out
hi def
but who’s looking for a resolution
what’s left to resolve
do they even hear the issue

constant contact lacking content
conclusions mid projection
fencing in a boundless world
infinite information
endless education
yet you drown in a sea of product
carefully, thoughtfully, on your shelf
in your path
buy me
turn me on
plug in and shut down
realistic realism
no use for reality
for truth
with screen time increasing, transcending
we’ll make our own

close your eyes
come out and join me
I know you won’t
I know it when I see it
acute superficial self involvement
how cute
but don’t worry, it’s shallow
your universe is limited
and shrinking every moment
your small world
on artificial life support
it’s all a placebo
you’re Pavlov’s dog
but what happens when you can’t find Pavlov
and the bell is ringing all the time
your vision narrows, blurs
while mine is sweeping
expanding and sharpening
grip tightly the controls
eased by your Godly strength
you prompt all action
but who holds your controls?
whose hands grip them tightly?
who prompts your action?
or inaction?
who’s that whispering in your ear?
what’s that single slide?
whose hands crafted those shades,
that skewed your perception?
who’s your God?
that puppeteer?
a spectacle

who are you?
I am but a number
carefully calculating
but aren’t we all
the sum of our parts, factors
know your place

a perpetual power trip
get up – quickly
soon, they’ll round the sheep
for slaughter
pay attention
shut up- they’re coming!



intoxication is security
a chronic higher state of unconsciousness
day after day
haze after haze
fog after fog
white speed brings numbness
shuts you off
shuts you down
no matter the speed you can’t out run the world

dive in head first
cool and refreshing
but you will soon tire
tides will turn and drag you under
don’t blame the tide when you once enjoyed its comfort
weather the storm
fight for each breath
overcast sky’s
it feels never ending

a new utopia
scheduled and professional
focused and busy
efficient and effective
acceptable obsessions
the everyday struggle
every day is a struggle

diamond speed bends the light
distorts the image
an alternate reality
clean but tainted

sobriety brings clarity
your clarity boarders conformity
your conformity washes my brain
but its not coming clean
losing my soul
fill me with dreams of materialism and class
blur the line between lower and middle
lost again

glimpses of my life
my old self
not lost
simply stifled by your system
I’ll decipher for myself
success and excess hand in hand
whose success?
clean and straight and narrow
my success happened miles before I saw your ladder
and yes, thats enough.