A Letter of Resignation

I’ve got a confession to make,

I wasted the day feeling stressed.

Tears welled up from the pressure in my chest and I’m tired,

And I just     need   to give it a rest.

I need a life hack,

something to get me to the next level because I’m stuck,


in this day to day groundhog day every day.

Failing at the impossible and irrelevant,

and stressing all the while while you

sit back on your throne and just pile

the tasks at my feet,

to keep me underfoot,

groveling like a slave,

stuck – like I’ve lost a foot but I HAVEN’T,

I’m PERFECTLY mobile,

yet, immobilized by your stress inducing psychosis.

Reach. higher and higher and hire and DANCE,

until we can’t hear the music or feel the rhythm and we’ve forgotten what we’re reaching for-

It didn’t matter

conditioning us to greeed,

Only to want,

more and more


One day

Death comes knocking at our door,

and we can’t even account for all – that – TIME

So then, nothing flashed before our eyes.


I quit.

My time is mine.



Something vs. Nothing

So they say I need to get out there and make something of myself.
That is to say,
Currently, I’m nothing.
And to become ‘something’
I must do an awful lot of nothing.
Making lists
Crawling through cyber space
Assigning numerical value to my values,
And telling everyone I’m everything and getting nothing in return.
My life on their terms
A series of debits and credits
Generally, nothing more than a ledger

So, what’s the bottom line?
I wish I had more time.

And so, I think I won’t be ‘something’
No accounting for my value
Or, performing on command
No balancing
For, I am something now
A big, round, beautiful zero
Neither positive nor negative
Just being

Why not just make nothing of ourselves instead?