A Special Piece by Matthew Beach

Here is a piece my very talented cousin, Matthew Beach, posted up this morning. It is very personal and got me very choked up. He captures my EXACT feelings. Such talent, I am proud and lucky to have him as a family.

“Pop Pop….. I just wanna let you know, you’re not here but I’ll never let you go, I know you’re wit uncle jerry-o , because you were there to greet him…I have my own son now I wish that you could meet him. I was depressed when you left , but I knew there was a reason…. and when God says it’s your time, you gotta leave then…….(after I breathe in), Please give me a second to explain, I’ve been through a lot of shit, when you were sick it was just pain. I’ve been tryna maintain through the rain and the stormy weather….. but it just ain’t the same cause we’re not all together. All we have is memories of the time passed…… I know it had to kill Uncle Timmy, when Tom passed. It’s just a part of life, the heartbreak and sadness, it’s madness, feels like every year another one passes. I always feel better when the priest reads his passage, then everybody prays….rest in peace is the last wish. Uncle mike was that southern Kentucky Fly guy , gold jewelry out the window whenever you’d see him ride by!….. we all have our days, but today I’m feeling sky high, and thank god for my family and friends that I have by my side!”