Pimpin’ the American Dream ‘aint Easy

Am I less of a customer because I pay by EBT?
Or is it because I pay late and don’t try to argue down the fee?
Because I follow the rules,
Yet, my dollar is worth less than yours.
Or just worth – LESS
Because I stand all day to earn it,
And because I’m just too big to fit through any loop holes in your government
Because I ride the bus and the train
Eat chips and cakes
And don’t obsess about my weight gain.
So wait,
Because I work and you supervise,
that makes me less than you
you do realize,
without me, there’d be nothing for you to doSSSSHHHHHHHH

don’t discount my worth based solely on your ego
and remember,
you don’t go every place that we go.
To the pantry
At 5am to wait in line and beg for a bite to eat.
To the podiatrist,
With no insurance for those shooting pains in my feet
And to SNAP where I get denied and told ‘sorry hun people got it worse then you
they got you beat’
I didn’t realize my life was a game
A snapshot of the working poor
Put that in your frame
If it’s worth it.

They say,
If we just worked harder,
We could pull ourselves out.
Does the same hold true to the Somalian’s we gave to, and hear so much about?
Don’t let them turn you against us
A standard ‘us against them’
You don’t know what we’ve seen or where we’ve been.
You hear ONE story and it repeats in your mind, it never ends.
Why not instead,
Spread – out that sympathy
To the homeless, the crazy, the hungry,
To the elderly
To me.
We are not numbers
The 99%
We are one
The collective
Simply caught up in the current
Turn around and swim up stream
It’s like you’re stuck in a tractor beam
Remember the enemy because to them we’re ALL poor
They’re the pimps and we’re they’re whores
Don’t be complacent
Solutions exist
Speak up and stop being fucked
Or you’ll just allow the fucking to persist.



Inner City Peace

This world we’ve constructed for ourselves,

Violent, selfish and uninviting

While, the world on its own,



Is just the opposite.

Full of calming beauty,

Coexistence, generosity and openness.

Each day,

If only for a moment,             


And simply coexist,                                                                

To feel the wind run across my skin,

The sun, gently warming my hair.

To appreciate the grass, so green and lush,

The flowers, peeking out, just beginning to bloom.

Time to sing along with the birds’ beautiful chipper melody,

And watch the squirrels run with wild freedom.

To immerse myself in harmony,

In peace,

In the natural and true world order,

And simply exist.


Here, ownership is nonexistent,

You cannot bottle the breeze,

Or jar a wave.

You can’t purchase freedom,

Or email the glisten of morning sunshine reflecting gloriously off of jet black fur.

If you trap the breeze,

It ceases to exist,

Its spirit dies.

And in effect, you’ll have trapped emptiness,


Futility, but we continue.


I don’t wish to strive,

Or survive

Confine or work.


Enlarge or reduce.

I will not grind or achieve or chase.

I’ve no interest in climbing a ladder,

For at the top, only a trapped breeze awaits.

I’d rather a mountain,

A view, some snow.

I yearn for coexistence,

For a purpose and love that are persistent,

Surrounded by sunshine or raindrops,

Engulfed in the breeze.

To cut the chains,

We’ve bound ourselves as willing slaves.

Lose the shackles,

And just be,

Be truly free.